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Google now lets you log in with your fingerprint instead of a password

Google has launched a new feature which allows Android smartphone users to sign in to some Google services using the fingerprint sensor on their device instead of entering their password.

According to a support page on the company’s website, Android users can now use their smartphone’s screen lock sign-in interface to verify their identity when logging in to Google services on another device.

This online smartphone authentication has begun rolling out today, and it also brings the ability to verify your identity by using a PIN and screen unlock pattern.

To use this feature, Android smartphone users will need to update their Google Play Services application and enable the functionality in their Android smartphone settings...

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User Friendly

For your website to be successful, it should not only look good but also provide a seamless user experience for visitors. This is why good usability is important. It will set your website apart from your competition and provide a good visitor experience.

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A responsive website is one that responds (or changes) based on the needs of the users and the device (mobile device in this example) that they're viewing it on. Text and images change from a multi-column layout, to a single column display.

Search Engine Friendly

Search engines are limited in how they crawl the web and interpret content. A webpage doesn't always look the same to you and me as it looks to a search engine. Web pages need to be structured for both search engines and human visitors alike.

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